Based in Batley, West Yorkshire TAP into Art Education has been delivering adult education classes for over 10 years. We currently offer seven classes in three subjects – Textile Design, Fine Art and Digital Photography.

Classes run for 2 hours per week during term time and are charged at £5 per class, with a one off
annual charge of £10 for materials. They are run by an experienced Arts Facilitator who has many
years’ experience working in the community in various different settings, but particularly in adult

Having witnessed the transformation to people’s lives, we are committed to concept of lifelong learning, providing art education opportunities to people at various stages in life who would not otherwise be able to access it.. Through experience we have learned the benefit of providing open ended courses that enable our students to develop at their own pace, giving them time to grow both as individuals and as artists. For those students who wish to, we are able to offer the opportunity to sit GCSE and A Level Qualifications in all subjects. During the period 2008 – 2016 our pass rate was 100% and 61% of our students attained a grade of A  or above.

Many of our students are at risk of social isolation. We believe that by providing ongoing art education as opposed to drop-in crafting sessions or short term skill enhancement courses we are giving our students valuable mental stimulation when they are away from class. The creative process stretches beyond the 2 hour class and helps provide a feeling of connection that is otherwise missing from their lives.
Many classes are fully -subscribed  therefore there is a waiting list for places.
For details of class availability and times, please email us at: for further information.