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Who are we?

As an organisation, we aim to improve the health and wellbeing of our participants. We use visual art activities as a tool to engage with our class members to enrich their lives, both socially and creatively.

Based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire TAP into Art Education has been delivering adult art classes for over 10 years. We offer 5 classes in four subjects – Textile art/design, fine art, craft and digital photography.

Classes run for 2 hours per week. They are run by Amanda Howes, an experienced Arts Facilitator who has many years’ experience working in creative settings in the community in various different settings, but particularly with adults.

What do we do?

* Introduce participants to a supportive and imaginative learning environment where they have the opportunity to flourish and foster their social, personal and skills-based competences and consequently develop their ability to better manage life’s challenges.

* Improve participants’ confidence, self-esteem, quality of life and wellbeing through a friendly, flexible and creative environment.

* Support participants to achieve satisfaction, pleasure, progress and development in their different creative experiences according to their individual needs.

How are we different?

    We aim our recruitment at people who may be hesitant about re-connecting with their creative side for a number of reasons: they may not have had the opportunity at school, they may lack confidence and self-esteem, be socially isolated and worried about mixing with others or unsure about their artistic ability, and/or they may have mental and/or physical health issues. Our structured, yet flexible, informal and creative way of working meets people just where they are and allows participants to be themselves, express themselves and flourish.

      * Offer the opportunity to learn and to enjoy creative activities in a relaxed and reassuring environment, where learning is individually focussed and where everyone is encouraged to develop at their own pace.

      * Encourage participants to develop their knowledge and skills through the understanding and practice of fine art, photography textile design and craft.
      * Provide good quality creative experiences at a low cost to the participants

      * Have a commitment to the importance of creativity and self-expression, irrespective of age.

      Come along to our friendly classes, develop your talents and make new friends. No previous experience necessary.